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(Your attention is particularly drawn to the Personal Information Collection Statement at Clause 3)

In order to provide you with personalized services that are tailored to your needs, during your use of Palace's website ( (the Website) or through Palace's mobile and web applications (the Website and such mobile and web applications being collectively referred to as the Applications), We may collect and use the following personal information provided by you through the following methods. This privacy policy explains the collection and use of personal information under such circumstances. Palace is committed to protecting your privacy. Please read the following privacy policy carefully before using the Applications.

1. Information Collected

The information We collect include:

  1. Personal information including first and last name, date of birth and photograph
  2. Contact information including residential address, geographic location, primary email address and/or primary phone number;
  3. If you sign up to the Website and/or Mobile Application through a third-party service such as Facebook or Google, we may extract information from your Account e.g. name, email address, photograph and any other personal information that your privacy settings permit us to access;
  4. Information about your contacts when you invite others to join your workout session or as apart of any promotional activities we run;
  5. Technical information including IP address, operating system, browser type and related information regarding the device you used to visit the site, the length of your visit and your interactions with the site;
  6. Information relevant to service, customer surveys and/or offers;
  7. We may monitor your use of the Website and Mobile Application through ‘cookies’ or similar tracking technologies (Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics). We may also monitor traffic, location or other data and information about users of the Applications. Such data and information, to the extent that you are individually identifiable from it, shall constitute information as defined above. However, some of this data will be aggregated or statistical, which means that we will not be able to identify you individually;
  8. Occasionally we may receive information about you from other sources e.g. from other users on the Applications who provide feedback ratings or other details. We will add this information to the data we already have collected to help us carry out activities listed.
  9. Other Information may be necessary for specific services

As a user, you may decide whether to provide the above information based on free will. Please note that it is not mandatory for you to provide us with personal information or other information, yet in the event that you do not provide us with the information We required for, We may not be able to provide you the relevant services. Meanwhile, you may check your personal information you provide to us, as well as the route information. If you wish to delete or correct your personal information, please contact our client service.

2. Methods of Information Collection

Palace will collect and store information provided/uploaded by you from the device on which the Applications are used, and the information provided to us through other channels. We will obtain other personal or non-personal information relevant to you which is legally collected through our affiliates, business partners, or any other independent sources;

The privacy settings chosen by you at relevant sites and other providers can limit or restrict our access to relevant information;

By providing your personal information to us, you have agreed to accept that Palace may keep your information in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, in particular Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486).

3. Personal Information Collection Statement

This Clause governs the information provided by you which falls within the meaning of personal data in Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486).

3.1 Purposes for Collecting Personal Information

Your personal information is collected for the following purposes:

  1. To fulfill your order;
  2. To send you an order confirmation;
  3. To administer your account;
  4. To send you push notifications or SMS messages when you are using the Applications in relation you use of the services we provide, for example, to provide a code in order to access a location;
  5. To send you our newsletter provided you have not unsubscribed. You may opt out of such newsletter through using the unsubscribe link or by contacting us at;
  6. To establish a relationship with you;
  7. To facilitate your service with our affiliated service providers;
  8. To anticipate and resolve problems with your service;
  9. To understand your needs and desires vis-à-vis the Applications;
  10. To update you on changes to our services or products, including new promotions provided that you have not unsubscribed. You may opt out of such notifications through the unsubscribe link or by contacting us at
  11. Our provision of discount and benefits to you;
  12. Providing push notification of the latest market information and discount proposals to you in accordance with the other parts of this Privacy Policy;
  13. Designing whole new product or service, or optimizing current products or services;
  14. Updating the personalized content of services;
  15. Assisting legal compliance, the investigation of police or other governmental or surveillance institutions, and complying with the applicable laws and regulations, or performing other duties committed to the governmental or surveillance institutions; and/or
  16. Other purposes informed at the time of collection, and other purposes that are directly related to all the foregoing purposes.

3.2 Disclosure of Personal Information

We may disclose and transfer (whether in Hong Kong or overseas) your personal data to the following parties to use, disclose, process or retain your personal data for the purposes mentioned above:

  1. Our agents and contractors (including IT, network, customer service, sales agents and contractors), telecommunications operators, and service providers for the provision of our services;
  2. Our affiliated companies and business partners;
  3. Banks, financial institutions and credit providers;
  4. Debt collection agencies, credit reference agencies and security agencies;
  5. Regulatory bodies, law enforcement agencies and courts; and
  6. Our professional advisers.

3.3 Use of Personal Information for Direct Marketing

We intend to use your personal information, including (a) your name, (b) your contact number(s), (c) your email address, and/or (d) your address, in sending to you from time to time direct marketing materials relating to the marketing subjects as set out below. We may not so use your personal information unless we have your consent for the same. You may indicate your objection to our said use of your personal information in direct marketing by ticking the appropriate box at the bottom at no cost to you.

Marketing subjects above referred include:

  1. All products, services, discount and/or benefit offered by Palace;
  2. health and physical training related products and services;
  3. food and beverage, alcoholic beverages, bakery or other catering services;
  4. entertainment, recreation or travelling;
  5. consumer products and services, including health and beauty, personal care, apparel, electronics, telecommunication, or other retail business generally;
  6. finance, banking, credit card, and other financial services;
  7. special events hosted by us and/or our affiliates for you and other Palace users, including but not limited to social gatherings;
  8. reward, loyalty or privileges programmes and related products and services;
  9. special offers including coupons, discounts, purchase offers and promotional campaigns;
  10. products and services offered by our affiliates and advertisers (the names of such affiliates and advertisers can be found in the relevant marketing materials for the relevant products and services); and
  11. donations and contributions for charitable and/or non-profit making purposes.

Please note that you always have the right to decline receiving direct marketing materials from us through specific channel or all channels in the future, and the right to stop us from using your personal information in direct marketing. To exercise the said rights, you may contact our Client Service by the means specified in this Privacy Policy.

3.4 Access to your own Personal Information

In accordance with the terms of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) and subject to the exemptions specified therein, you have the right to:

  1. check whether We hold personal information about you and to receive copies of such information;
  2. require us to correct any personal information relating to you which is inaccurate;
  3. ascertain our policies and practices in relation to personal information and to be informed of the kind of personal information held by us; and
  4. request us not to use your personal information for direction marketing purpose as described in Clause 3.3 above, and upon receiving your request as such We will cease to do so at no cost to you.

4. Our Sending of the Following Information to You

We may send the following information to you via the Applications:-

  1. Verification code necessary for assuring the completion of services;
  2. Push notifications necessary for the use of services;
  3. Current fare discount and deduction information; and
  4. News, special discount, and promotion activities regarding Palace services.

5. Information Security and Privacy Protection Measures

We use various encryption techniques to transmit via the Internet your personal data, which can only be accessed by our authorized personnel. Given the operational nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee that the transmission is fully secure.

While internet is not an inherently secure environment for communications, security of internet communications can be enhanced by the application of appropriate technology. However, internet security is not solely a technical issue, knowledge on security of personal and transaction data as well as general measure are equally important. "Hackers" could only attack a system through a "door". However, in most cases imprudent transmission and handling of sensitive data such as confidential documents, password, personal identifiers etc. would facilitate unauthorized access to such a "door" by "hackers". Hence, internet users should be cautious when handling such kind of sensitive documents and data.

In order to prudently preserve all personal data obtained from users of our websites, apart from firewalls and other sophisticated technical facilities, we also provide and maintain other stringent security measures so as to protect our system as well as the information and data retained therein from accidental or malicious destruction or damage.

6. Retention of personal data

We take practicable steps to ensure that we do not hold personal data for a period longer than is necessary to fulfill the purpose(s) for which the data is or is to be used. Appropriate retention and disposal schedules are maintained for records containing personal data, and disposal of the records is made accordingly.

7. External links

If any part of this website contains links to other websites, those sites may not operate under this privacy statement. You are advised to check the privacy statements on those websites to understand their policies on the collection, usage, transferal and disclosure of personal data.

8. Changes

Accompanying with the upgrade of Palace services, the privacy policy may be updated from time to time. Upon the release of updated privacy policy on the Applications, the original privacy policy will be superseded. We recommend that you visit this page regularly in order to understand the latest privacy protection practices.

9. Our Client Service

Our client service can be contacted by email at


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